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Join the entrepreneurs and businesseswho are now selling their apps in the App Store. The case studies below all resulted from submitting a quote request on iPhoneAppQuotes.com- a FREE service that connects you with reputable, pre-screened iPhone App Developers. Where’s Your App?

"I had an idea for an iphone app, but wasnt sure how to develop it on my own. iPhoneappquotes.com put me in touch with three developers who gave me a bid to complete my project and made design suggestions. My app, iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times, has been accepted to iTunes and is in the Top 100 for Sports after only 3 days!

I could never have done this without iPhoneAppQuotes.computting me in touch with the right iPhone App Developers.. I had a great experience and would recommend iPhoneappquotes to anyone who is interested in developing their idea.”

– Red Cochran, RedSnake Enterprises, LLC
App Name: iSolunar Hunting and Fishing
Download iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times App Store Now!

"I found iPhoneAppQuotes.com and easily entered my request with information that would match me with a developer suited to my needs. Within 24 hours, I got a call from iPhoneAppQuotes, to obtain more information and confirm. Since my app was already well defined and most of the specifications were set, I was immediately connected with three developers. I signed nondisclosure agreements and obtained quotes from all three developers within two weeks. The deciding factors in selecting my developer, in order, were price, knowledge and speed. I was very impressed and pleased with the selected developer, but am confident that any of the three would have also done a wonderful job with the app.

I had a beta version of the app within two weeks of signing a contract with the developer and the final version of the app was listed on the iTunes app store exactly two months after signing. My developer gave me advice and guidance in getting set up asan Apple developer. I learned a great deal in this process of getting my first app on the iTunes store and am anxious to create more apps!"
– Karen Linder, Kalla & Associates
App Name: Count Trackula
Download Count Trackula App Store Now!

“Jordan Payne Events is one of the top wedding planning companies in Dallas TX.We had an idea for an iphone app that provides Jordan’s recommendations on venues and vendors in the Dallas area and contacted iPhoneAppQuotes.com just to get an idea of the cost, etc. The same day we were contacted by 3 developers, picked one the next day, and “iWed Dallas” app was deployed and available in itunes in 3 weeks!”

– Josh Payne, Jordan Payne Events
App Name: iWed Dallas
Download iWed Dallas on the App Store Now!

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"We had a unique idea for an app but had no idea where to find a programmer. I found iPhoneAppQuotes.com online and decided to give them a try. I got three bids for developing my iPhone App. All three developers varied in price and experience, but all were very qualified. It was easy to get the bids and soon I chose one of them and we got to work. Our app, iHeadache, is complete and we are completely satisfied with how the project turned out.”
– Blakely Long, CEO of BetterQOL, Inc.
App Name: iHeadache
Download iHeadache on the App Store

Get 3 Free iPhone App Quotes Now!

“I am a physician, not a computer programmer or engineer. So, when I first decided to create an App for the iPhone, the prospect seemed daunting. I had never done this before! I found out about iPhoneAppQuotes.com through a computer magazine article and it seemed to be just what I was looking for. A service that would confidentially send my quote request to three experienced iPhone App Developers for FREE!  The process was painless, I got my three quotes, picked the developer I wanted to work with and got the Beta version of my App in my hands within a few weeks. They (the iPhoneAppQuotes.com people) even contacted me during the process to make sure I had received the quotes and that everything was going well. Without their help I would never have been able to get my App developed, and that’s a fact.”
– Ernesto L. Collazo, MD, FAAO
Collazo Eye Asssociates, collazoeye.com

App Name: MaculaTester
Download Macula Tester on the App Store

Get 3 Free iPhone App Quotes Now!

"When we started looking for a developer for our project, a friend of mine referred me to iPhoneAppQuotes.com.  It was a simple process to fill out the contact form and within an hour or so I received a call confirming our request and asking for additional details.  Within two more hours I had my first contact from a developer with two more developers contacting me the next day.  After several clarifying e-mails and a phone calls with each developer we chose the developer that we felt most confident could deliver our project in a high quality way for a reasonable price.  We are currently in development with our project and expect to have the app live within the next several weeks. "
– David Stephensen, iDazzle.com,

App Name: iDazzle Diamond Prices
Download iDazzle Diamond Prices on the App Store now!

Get 3 Free iPhone App Quotes Now!

"I simply sent my information to iPhoneAppQuotes. A representative from the site then called and had me briefly describe my application. Within two days 3 developers called me, already knowing the basics of my idea, and we began discussing terms for the development. The app was in the process of being made in less than a week. It was quick, reliable, and best of all, free!! I recommend using this website to anyone."
-Daniel Carter
App Name: Dreamlist
Download DreamList on the App Store

3 Free iPhone App Quotes Now!

"While searching online for an iPhone developer, I found iPhoneAppQuotes.com. I submitted my info on the website and shortly after I got a call from an informative gentleman who educated me a bit more about the entire development process. I was contacted by 3 iPhone App developers as the site had promised, each provided me with a free quote. I ended up choosing one developer and my app, iGum, is now in the App Store! Before I used iPhoneAppQuotes.com I spent twice as much money working with a developer and didnt get anything to show for it – this is because you sometimes don’t know who the person behind a website is. With iPhoneAppQuotes you kinda get that guarantee. iPhoneAppQuotes.com only refers you to quality developers."
– Alex Tsoukias, Fardini Media,
App Name: iGum
Download iGum on the App Store

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"I was very pleased with the developers that contacted me through iPhoneAppQuotes.com. All were professional and submitted detailed bids in a timely fashion. Ultimately I selected one of the three and went on to develop Forums Pro – Bulletin Board Browser. This is only the first version of the application, and I intend on using the same developer to continually update it and add applications for vBulletin and Invision Power Board.
Harrison Roday
App Name: ForumsPro
Download ForumsPro on the App Store Now!

"At the time I contacted iPhoneAppQuotes.com, I only had a vague idea as to how to proceed and what the process of creating an iphone application would entail. But after just one phone call, I was confident I was in good hands and felt it would be an easy to path turning my idea into reality. Indeed that was the case. The first thing I would recommened to someone looking to create an application would be to contact iPhoneAppQuotes.com without hesitation. “
– David Wolff, Founder, BreakdownWay.com
App Name: Jorma’s BreakDownWay Guitar Lessons
Download Breakdownway Guitar lessons

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“After putting in my request with iPhoneAppQuotes.com, I received calls from three developers within 24 hours. I immediately clicked with one of them, who was entirely on the same page with me as to the possibilities of Pork Watch (my first app). From a software standpoint, he was more than capable, and also understood my vision. We began development in December 2009, and it has takenabout three weeks to complete a final product. Thanks to iPhoneAppQuotes.com, I have found a partner thathas helped me turn an idea into an app, and hopefully in the future, an app into a business.”
Stephen Estes Manager, Liberty Apps, LLC
App Name: Pork Watch

"Having no experience in this field I reached out to your team. I was amazed with the response it took only a few short minutes and they new I had a viable product. Then within hours all three developers contacted me, keep in mind this took place on a sunday. The hard part was choosing one of the three developers they were all exceptional. We are now in the final stages of development and are very excited to get this incredible app into the market. Thanks again!"
– Christopher J.
Deputy Fire Chief Department of Fire & Rescue Services
Hull, MA

Get 3 Free iPhone App Quotes Now!

"We had an idea for an iphone application but didn’t have any idea how to make it a reality, …until we read about iPhoneAppQuotes.com in the Wall St Journal. So we gave it a try. We submitted our idea and within an hour we were contacted us to discuss the app idea. About an hour after that the first developer contacted us to discuss the app & give us a quote. We were literally in the app development process within hours of submitting our idea. It’s been a great experience & I’d recommend it to anyone interested in building an app."
– Todd Blome, CPA
Lincoln, NE

Get 3 Free iPhone App Quotes Now!

"Using iPhoneAppQuotes.com was easy and aided us in finding a suitable vendor for our project. I filled out the form, engaged in a short confirmation phone call. We were then contacted by potential vendors the same day. Out of a pool of over 40 vendors, we happened to select one from the iPhoneAppQuotes.com network.We have several more apps in concept and will look again to providers in your network to assist us in getting them to market."
– Brian Moss, CEO, ILS Technologies
App Name: AmuseMe